Orchid Resorts
A great location for every occasion

Orchid Resort, one of leading hotels in Chennai (ECR East Coast Road) caters to the specialized needs of the discerning business and leisure traveler. We are committed to excellence and understand, from our own experience, the needs of those staying away from home.

Committed to excellence, we seek to combine flexibility, quality and value for money to provide the perfect solution to the growing need for short term accommodation. Also, we try to go the extra mile by anticipating your needs before they arise. Whether it be coordinating a taxi or auto pick-up , we do all we can to help.

It follows your accommodation needs, be they for 1 night or 1 year, will receive our full attention. No booking is too large or small and each is just as important as another. It is our commitment to the task that makes us the preferred choice.

This is done by conserving natural resources, educating and enlightening staff, and cultivating relationship with the community-all while hosting the guest in an unparalleled atmosphere of comfort and style.